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Designed by: Francis Group All Rights Reserved Michel & Mariette Atallah 2015

For Mariette Alhaddad Attallah, the word of fashion dazzled her from an early age, and she epitomized her first steps through designing outfits for her favorite dolls. While her talent caught the attention of her parents, they encouraged her to proceed with this field which is seemingly fit for her. Once she graduated from school, she headed straight for specializing in fashion design. During her studies, she was offered an opportunity from one of her mentors at the “shweiter” institution to work with them. In the face of her creativity and high level of professionalism her father established her very own Atelier. Thus she became learning, working, teaching and owning an establishment to train her students at the same time. All of this, in a matter of 3 years, that she got to know her husband Michel Atallah whom she sees as someone who competes her soul and her ambitions both in life and in fashion, for he is as well a fashion designer. They married and became on one path, the path of professional elegance and creativity, and opened a bigger establishment which witnessed the birth of the biggest and grandest wedding dresses.


They are familiar with all the international designers and have a comprehensive idea about the new materials that created in every season. They notice and pay attention to the new cuts as well for Mariette has been teaching “Patron” and “Moulage”. Even when she finishes working on the Mannequin, she still has hundreds of ideas in her mind. This is why as a result, both her and her husband set their imagination free to create unlimited ideas.

How Mrs. Mariette deals with the bride or the woman that comes to her to design a certain outfit is as follows. She says “you must know her tendencies and how she wants to appear be it as a lady, baby, fashion, loud or romantic”. She sketches up a design that best fits the customer and brings out her personality which is far away from traditional. She trains the customer to adapt with the dress because her actions and personality must be consistent with what she wears. In accordance with her husband, she doesn’t consider a design to be successful in sending a message of joy, creation and originality, unless the design is stemming from the heart.